LGBTea: Gender and Sexual Minorities within the LatinX Community

Thursday, September 17th 4pm to 6pm

GSSS Lounge and (visit to join the conversation)

Join Gender and Sexuality Student Services as they dive deep into the topic of sexuality and identity that often goes unsaid within the Hispanic/LatinX culture, community, and history.

UIS World Cup

Saturday, September 19th 12pm

REC Park

As a way to acknowledge to soccer culture within Latin America, we have created a human foosball tournament. Participants will be physically distant as they compete to win the UIS World Cup

Trivia Night with the Swans: Noche de Juego

Thursday, September 24th 6pm – 9pm

PAC C/D (Virtual Link TBA)

Join Gamma Phi Omega as they host a night of fun and games.

Mi Voto

Monday, September 24th4pm

UHB 2008 (Virtual Link TBA)

Take part in a conversation related the power and importance of the Hispanic/LatinX vote.  You can also register to vote at this event.

Name the Country: Somos Muchos Somos Uno

Wednesday, September 30th4pm – 6pm


Join OLAS as they provide fun facts about various Latin American Counties. And try to bring awareness about the different historical events throughout Latin America.

Doing what he wants: Exploring Sexuality and Gender with Bad Bunny

Friday, October 2nd 6pm – 8pm

Student Union Ballroom (Virtual Link TBA)

Join us in a discussion with Prof. Roberto Rincon and Members of OLAS as we further explore how Bad Bunny has used his platform and music to bring to light topics of race, gender, and identity.

Migrant Workers

Saturday, October 3rd5pm

UIS Garden (Virtual Link TBA)

Take part in this important conversation with Prof. Roberto Rincon and Members of Baile Monarchs as Baile Monarcas connects the history of migrant workers within the US and their fight for equity.

Asylum Seeker and the Legal System

Wednesday, October 7th 5pm

Follow this Zoom link to join.

This virtual panel with Dr. Debra Anthony, the Springfield Immigrant Advocacy Network, the Illinois Immigration Project, and OLAS hopes to bring together community members, students, and faculty as they discuss the current legal system and what we as a community can do to help those seeking asylum.

Toxic Masculinity: They cycle within Hispanic/LatinX communities

Friday, October 9th 5pm – 7pm

Student Union Ballroom (Virtual Link TBA)

Join the men of Sigma Lambda Beta as they have an open discussion and presentation on the topic of toxic masculinity and machismo within the Hispanic/LatinX culture.

Corazon Fuerte

Thursday, October 1st at 7pm (Zoom Link TBA)

Join HOSA as they present on the topic of heart disease within the H/L community and what we can do to lower our health risks.

Closing Event

Tuesday, October 15th 1pm 

Diversity Center Lounge or follow this zoom link.

Capstone the month and learn about what steps we can continue to make to build a supportive community on campus.