Diversity at UIS

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African-American Studies explores the creation and development of Black life, history, and culture in the United States.

UIS currently offers African-American Studies as an undergraduate minor. The program provides interdisciplinary examinations of the directions and trends of African-American culture from the arrival of the first Africans to the shores of North America.

Women and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary program which combines the substance and methodologies of many disciplines—such as history, sociology, anthropology, communications, psychology, literature, law, and more—as we study women and gender. Because the Women and Gender Studies Program encompasses these varied disciplines, our faculty is comprised of instructors from all four colleges and the library, though the Program is technically considered part of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Most of our courses are interdisciplinary, cross-listed with other academic programs.

Women’s Center is located in the Student Life Building. The Women’s Center works to improve the status of women in higher education at the University of Illinois at Springfield. The Women’s Center educates the campus community about gender-related issues, addresses matters of particular concern to women, and promotes a campus climate that is safe, healthy, and respectful of all people. The Center enhances all students’ academic experiences by offering information, support, advocacy, referrals, and programming on a variety of gender-related issues.

Campus Life

Access and Equal Opportunity – UIS is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer with a strong institutional commitment to recruitment and retention of a diverse and inclusive campus community.

Office of Disability Services, mission is to foster a campus environment in which each member of the community enjoys her or his rights as a human being.ODS provides academic accommodations to students with documented disabilities. The primary goal of the office is to assist students in succeeding in college-level courses through a variety of support services. This is achieved by:

  1. Creating individualized accommodation plans that looks at the disability as well as documentation of that disability. The plan formalized is based on the history, severity and functional limitations of the disability as well as what that student needs to be successful. That plan includes not only academic accommodations but also adaptive technology and training.
  2. Providing leadership to the campus community to enhance understanding of disability and support of ODS and our role in campus life.
  3. Providing guidance and education to the campus community to ensure that they understand and comply with legal requirements for access and with the student’s rights to receive academic accommodations.
  4. Establishing a clear set of policies and procedures that define the rights and responsibilities of both the institution and the student.


Financial Aid – To explore the many opportunities for financial assistance offered through the University.

LGBTQ Resource Office – serves as a central resource for increasing community awareness and understanding about sexual orientation and gender identity.

International Student Services – The Office of International Student Services supports the immigration, academic, cultural, and social experience of all UIS international students. The OISS is the primary liaison between our international students and the university, the community, and the U.S. government.

The Global Experience Program includes UIS study abroad seminars and exchange program as well as programs administered by other universities and educational institutions. UIS has developed short-term study abroad programs in Japan, Nicaragua, Jamaica, Botswana, Australia, Poland, Greece, Germany, Canada, Romania and the United Kingdom.

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