Financial Aid and Scholarship Information

Friends of UIS Scholarship for Students with Disabilities

  • Financial need is criteria
  • No GPA restriction
  • Preference is for a student with a physical disability (mobility, vision, learning, speech disorder, or student suffering from traumatic brain injuries, etc.)
  • No preference for in-state or out-of-state
  • No preference for graduate or undergraduate
  • The scholarship may be renewable
  • Number and amount of scholarships available will be determined by selection committee

Carrie Gibson Esarey and Dorothy Neland Scholarship

  • It is the donors’ preference that the scholarships be awarded to a female parent who has financial need. An additional preference is that the scholarship recipients have disabilities, or are supporting a child with a disability. Scholarship may be awarded to either undergraduate or graduate students without restriction of age or academic major. Scholarship may be renewable if students are in good academic standing. In the event that no scholarship candidate is available who meet wither of the first two criteria above, the preference is that scholarship be awarded to a female who demonstrates financial need.
  • Scholarship selected by Disability Services, if recipient not found, scholarship awarded by Campus wide Committee.

The Capestrain-Tracy Family Scholarship

  • The scholarship will be awarded as current use to one recipient per semester, $500 will be awarded in the fall and $500 in the spring
  • The scholarship is renewable
  • The scholarship will be awarded to a student with demonstrated integrity, leadership potential and goals
  • The scholarship will be awarded to a student who demonstrates innovation and academic achievement
  • The student recipient must have a GPA of 3.0 or above
  • The student must show documented need of financial assistance
  • The student must be and IL resident with preference to Central IL residents
  • Preference will be given to an undergraduate student
  • Preference will be given to a student with a learning disorder

Michael Owens Memorial Scholarship

  • Financial need based scholarship
  • Preference given to current or former patients of any St. Jude facility. If no applicants meet this criteria, secondary criteria is a recipient that has overcome a serious medical obstacle
  • Governing Document: fund agreement
  • Historical: Established in January 1997. This scholarship was established Mrs. Kim Owens, widow of Michael Owens. Michael died in his 30’s and was treated at a St. Jude facility. He was an alum and graduated with a degree in Management in 1992.

For further assistance and to review all financial aid resources please visit the UIS Financial Aid website. Any questions regarding financial aid should be directed to 217-206-6724.