Points of Pride

http://www.bestmastersdegrees.com/ ranks our online Master’s in Data Analytics as one of the most affordable online Master programs in the nation in statistics degrees or closely related programs, such as applied statistics, data analytics, data science, or applied mathematics.


Program Highlights

Hands-on. Several courses have significant hands-on components. Students learn how to tackle real-world problems through public datasets that are made available by governmental and non-governmental organizations at the state, national, and international levels.

Technology-based learning. Students are assigned a cluster of virtual machines to store, process, and visualize large datasets. In addition, students get experience with storage and analysis of data in commercial cloud services such as Amazon Web Services.

Research opportunities. Several faculty members are involved in data analytics-related research, including big data, data mining, machine learning, and statistics, and involve their students in research projects. Professors also bring their scholarly expertise into the classroom and motivate research through literature review assignments, discussion forums, and final projects.