The M.S. degree in Data Analytics, classified as a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) program, is offered in both on-campus and online** formats. On-campus students will have the option of taking online or blended classes as well.

** F1 students are not eligible for the online program.

The M.S. degree in Data Analytics degree aims at providing an interdisciplinary approach to data analytics that covers both the foundational mathematical knowledge of data science and the computational methods and tools for preprocessing, interpreting, analyzing, representing, and visualizing data sets.

The degree is jointly administered by the Departments of Computer Science and Mathematical Sciences. The result is an interdisciplinary curriculum that equips students with the mathematical theory and foundations needed to gather and understand fundamental principles behind the data, and the practical tools and techniques to clean and process data sets, find patterns, and turn data into useful insights. Students will be programming with R, Python, Scala, and Java in our classes.

Data Analytics Students.