2004 Issues in Cyberspace: Cyberethics, Ecommerce, Spam

Issues in Cyberspace: Cyberethics, E-Commerce, and Spam
The Center for State Policy and Leadership presented its annual Public Policy Summit on June 17, 2004. This year’s topic was “Issues in Cyberspace: Cyberethics, E-Commerce, and Spam”.

The summit included speakers from academia, industry, and state government. They examined issues related to ethics, technical details, and government regulation of the Internet in a program designed for teachers, students, business, government professionals, and others interested.

Speakers included:

Jonathan Feipel, Assistant Director, Telecommunications Division, Illinois Commerce Commission
Cem Kaner, Professor of Computer Science at Florida Institute of Technology, and an attorney specializing in technology law
James Moor, Professor of Philosophy at Dartmouth College who has written several books on the philosophy of technology
David Nicol, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and researcher of cyber-security technology and policy issues
Matthew Prince, Co-founder and CEO of Unspam, and Adjunct Professor at John Marshall Law School
Richard Schuldt, Director of the Center’s Survey Research Office and
Lori Sorenson, Interim Director of the Illinois Century Network.

Keith Miller, Professor of Computer Science at UIS served as moderator, and also instructor of an online course in Cyberethics offered in conjunction with the Summit. Renee Redfield, Graduate Assistant in the Center, served as the teaching assistant for the course. With Richard Schuldt, Keith Miller, and Mark Winland, Renee also played a major role in designing the survey for the Illinois public on spam and Internet sales taxes conducted by SRO for the Summit.

The event was Webcast live the day of the events and is available on Video On Demand.