Illinois Civic Engagement Project

logoWhat is
The Illinois Civic
Engagement Project

It is a research and citizen action project:
a research project to measure and describe the level and forms of civic engagement of the citizens of Illinois, and a citizen action project to help Illinoisans learn how to enhance and sustain civic engagement for the betterment of our communities.

Four components of the project:

  1. The research will establish baseline data in Illinois about civic engagement. The research will be statewide and consist of a telephone survey and focus groups. It will help identify why some people become engaged and others do not. It is designed and expected to receive widespread attention in the Illinois media. Results of the report will be released March 6, 2001.
  2. A statewide steering committee has been established to help disseminate the results of the research and to offer advice on how the project staff can work with groups and leaders statewide to implement practical action steps, based on the research, to sustain and enhance civic engagement.
  3. A Civic Engagement Conference was planned for March 6, 2001, in Chicago to bring together leaders from the public, private and nonprofit sectors of Illinois to discuss and learn how to enhance and sustain civic engagement. Another, smaller conference will be convened in southern Illinois.
  4. Future steps: Based on what the research reveals and what happens at the conference, the United Way and Illinois Issues intend to provide a structure to keep the topic of civic engagement highly visible and to continue to implement the action steps.