Possible Careers: What’s Next?

An undergraduate degree in criminology and criminal justice provides an excellent liberal arts foundation. Our graduates are able to apply their skills and knowledge across a wide variety of occupations and professions and for graduate or professional education. Some of our graduates enter directly into the labor force as probation officers, wardens and other corrections officials, director-level and comparable administrative positions in law enforcement, conservation police, child abuse investigators, domestic violence experts, and substance abuse counselors.

Many of our graduates are also employed in non-crime-related fields. This includes careers in human and social services (e.g. substance abuse and rehabilitation counseling), community work (e.g. social and child welfare agencies), and in other federal, state and local government agencies.

Our BA in Criminology and Criminal Justice (CCJ) is a versatile degree that can direct you towards a number of meaningful careers for which the outlook is bright. The Occupational Handbook from the Bureau of Labor Statistics offers career information that you might find useful.

Here about one of our students:

Recent employers include:

  • Illinois State Police
  • Sangamon County Probation
  • Illinois Department of Corrections
  • Center for Prevention of Abuse
  • Illinois Department of Natural Resources Conservation Police
  • Illinois Department of Human Services
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • Animal Protective League

Many Graduates Pursue Advanced Degrees

Many of our students also will view the CCJ major as preparation for graduate work in criminology or in related fields such as law, public policy and administration, social work, counseling, and/or urban planning. Graduate degrees in any of these areas can lead to teaching and/or research positions in universities or colleges, governmental agencies, research institutes, the private and nonprofit sectors, and a whole host of other opportunities.

Academic pursuits of our graduates include:

  • UMSL: Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Michigan State University: College of Law School
  • Southern Illinois University: Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Southern Illinois University: School of Law
  • Illinois State University: Criminal Justice Sciences
  • Indiana University: Criminal Justice
  • Indiana University: ¬†Applied Statistics

Graduates now serving faculty members at other institutions:

  • University of Iowa Department of Sociology & Criminology
  • Fresno State University: Department of Criminology
  • Southwestern Oklahoma State: Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice
  • Milliken University: Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice
  • Lincoln Land Community College: Criminal Justice Program

Some Graduates Pursue Short-Term Experiences

Upon graduation, we also encourage our students to explore internships and other short-term experiences through organizations such as AmeriCorps, the Peace Corps, FEMA Corps, Teach for America, and Cultural Vistas.