About the Department

legal columnCriminology and Criminal justice is an interdisciplinary field of study. It emphasizes the study of crime and social responses to criminal behavior. Criminal justice majors at the University of Illinois at Springfield study criminal justice institutions and practices, including programs designed to prevent crime, meet the needs of victims, and rehabilitate criminals. The criminal justice curriculum is appropriate for students who:

  • have a general interest in studying the American system
    of justice
  • want to pursue professional careers in criminal justice
    or social service,
  • plan to continue study in graduate school.

The program draws on a variety of liberal arts and professional areas of expertise to study criminal justice and the problems of crime within a broad social context. Students take a core curriculum that familiarizes them with a range of perspectives, methods, and content areas within the criminal justice field. The program’s flexible structure allows students to pursue individual interest to develop specializations, or to pursue formal minors in other programs.

The overall goals is to provide students with a strong liberal arts education that focuses on developing intellectual and problem-solving skills.