Mobile Standards

These mobile standards have been established to ensure a high quality, marketing and service-oriented mobile web presence, including a coordinated presentation of accurate and important information.

Our Mobile Apps must abide by our Campus Web Policy. Also, please read the official policy governing mobile apps approved by the UIS Mobile Strategy Task Force.

We want to develop our mobile apps to engage our audiences and give them a good impression of the University of Illinois Springfield. We know that in many cases, a mobile app may be the first place that someone learns about us. We hope that those audiences will subsequently visit the UIS website, come to campus for a Preview Day or other event, or otherwise get to know us better.

Responsive Web Design

UIS websites have been programmed with responsive web design by the Office of Web Services. This means that your department or office website will automatically adjust on smartphone or tablet devices. Consider this when creating content for your website. Some things to keep in mind are :

  • Avoid placing large amounts of text on your webpages. Be sure to use short paragraphs and bulleted lists to ease reading.

QR Codes

The following are standards for QR Codes:

  • Contact the Office of Web Services for help with your QR Code creation.
  • Make sure that the content you point users to using a QR Code is always mobile content. You can point to any pages on your website. They have been created with responsive web design and will adjust automatically.
  • Standard QR Code size in printed material should be at least .75 inch X .75 inch
  • Print your QR Code at 300 dpi
  • For larger ads and billboards, the size will need to increase proportionately
  • When using colors for your QR Code use a lot of contrast with the background color

Mobile Apps

Mobile AppThe following are standards for mobile apps:

  • Any apps developed for official university purposes need to contain the University of Illinois Springfield wordmark.
  • Every app should contain an “information” section.
    • The information section should contain an “About this App” subsection.
    • The information section should display the wordmark.


To get the mobile app for the University of Illinois Springfield, go to our website on your mobile device and choose OK at the prompt.