Image Standards


Photos can contain stories about the university, its students, staff, and faculty. They are a great way to make a first impression. Each photo that you create or use should be chosen carefully.

The university’s Flickr account contains photos that have been created following the standards below and are downloadable for use on official university websites.

Photos that are included on official UIS websites should:

  • Be representative of UIS
  • Be modern and professional in nature, simple and interesting
  • Be photos that show students, staff, and faculty actively engaging in their field
  • Be representative of a world view
  • Conform to copyright laws
  • Be produced with correct production methods
  • Be proportionally correct
  • Be focused and highlight the subject rather than the background
  • Be of a small file size so as to download quickly


  • Clip art should be avoided
  • The use of infographics is encouraged. Infographics are a great way to visually represent information, data, or knowledge quickly and clearly. Contact Campus Services for help in creating infographics for your website.

Infographic examples:

Illinois and Non-Illinois Residents

Diversity at UIS

Visual Narrative

The Office of Web Services works with a team of marketing, communication, and recruitment-oriented offices that use an editorial calendar to assist with the selection of the visual narrative [large photographs and interactive features on the UIS homepage]. The Office of Web Services also maintains the a) technical and visual aspects of placing photographs and b) interactive features on the homepage.