Wordmark Standards

UIS official wordmarkThe UIS wordmark (adopted January 2011) is one of two official graphic identifiers for the campus. The dome logo is the other.

The UIS Wordmark is a standardized graphic representation with precise text-only typographic treatment that becomes a visual symbol of the university’s identity and branding.

The wordmark is designed to visually represent the university and may be used on publications, webpages, and promotional materials where appropriate.

  • The wordmark should not be used adjacent to the dome logo or any other logo. It should be used “as is”. Never put any text or images directly on top or beneath the wordmark.
  • There should be no manipulation of type size, font, word placement, spacing, proportion, etc. See below for information about the minimum required amount of blank space that must appear completely around the wordmark wherever it is used.
  • In most cases, use of the wordmark will fulfill the requirement to use the university‚Äôs name on the front of all publications or materials used with external audiences.
  • The wordmark, like the dome logo, should only appear in black, white, or UIS blue.

Students and student organizations may not use the UIS Wordmark or the Dome Logo on printed material or websites without review and approval by the Creative Services team.

The UIS Wordmark or the Dome Logo may not be used by any individual for personal use.

Standards for Space Around the UIS Wordmark

The required amount of surrounding space is built in to the downloadable files on this website. Below are the calculations for required space in circumstances where you may need them.

Space Above and Below the Wordmark:

  1. Determine the size you need the Wordmark to be for your project.
  2. Measure the number of inches or pixels from the top of the “U” in “University” to the bottom of the “S” in “Springfield.”
  3. Multiply that number by 28% (.28). The result is the required number of inches or pixels that must be left as blank space both above and below the Wordmark.
  4. Exceptions that reduce the space to a multiplier of less than 28% must be reviewed by Creative Services before printing or distribution.

Space to the Right and Left of the Wordmark:

  1. Measure the number of inches or pixels from the outermost left edge of the “U” in “University” to the far right edge of the “s” in “Illinois.”
  2. Multiply that number by 11% (.11). The result is the required number of inches or pixels that must be left as space both to the left and to the right of the Wordmark.
  3. There are no exceptions regarding the space to the left and right of the Wordmark.

Download the UIS Wordmark

Download copies of the wordmark for use in print and electronic media. All wordmark downloads already include the required amount of blank space. If you need a size or format not included here, please contact us.