Orion Mark Usage Samples

The following are a few examples using the UIS Orion Mark for school spirit, pride, and recognition.

UIS Catalog

UIS Public Health Fact Sheet

UIS Class of 2023 email header, Sample 2

UIS Class of 2023 email header, Sample 1

UIS Create Your Future email header 2017

Prairie Star Happenings email header 2017

UIS Class of 2023 t-shirt

UIS Homecoming 2017 t-shirt

UIS SAT Code 2019

UIS Semester Breaks 2018

UIS Billboard, Example 2, 2018

UIS Billboard, Example 1, 2018

UIS Junior Inquiry postcard

UIS Involvement Postcard

UIS Penant

UIS Bumper Sticker

UIS Mailling Letter example 2018

UIS Birthday Card 2018

UIS Homecoming 2017 poster

UIS Admisisons Visit poster

UIS Diversity

UIS New Hires SJR ad 2018