Other Logos

There is one University of Illinois Springfield logo. No other logos are allowed to be developed or used as official university graphic identities.

Exceptions include:

  • Temporary logos such as the UIS 40th Anniversary logo;
  • Student-generated organization or event logos such as the annual logo for Homecoming;
  • Certain UIS units serving an outside constituency and fund-raising needs.

The following units have received permission from the Chancellor’s Office to maintain specific logos. These logos are reserved for exclusive use by those departments. For additional information about their logos, please contact the departments directly.

Alumni Association

Athletics – Prairie Stars

Reaching Stellar logo

Illinois Issues magazine
Illinois Issues magazine logo

NPR Illinois
NPR Illinois logo

Reaching Stellar

Reaching Stellar logo

Sangamon Auditorium

Therkildsen Field Station at Emiquon

Legacy Logos

Brilliant Futures Campaign
Brilliant Futures campaign logo

WUIS radio
WUIS logo