Identifiers – Logos and Marks

The University of Illinois Springfield has a set of graphic identifiers.

Repetition of uniform standards in all our print and electronic materials allows us to build a brand and achieve greater name recognition among future students and the community at large. Part of building an excellent reputation is based on a persistent, cohesive, uniform visual identity. This is central to our success.

A) Primary Identifiers

UIS Logo

UIS Dome Logo - Black Transparent

The UIS logo (adopted in 1995) remains the university’s chief graphic identifier, and can be used on all publications, websites, and promotional materials (flags, banners, signs, etc.) where appropriate.

UIS Wordmark

UIS official wordmark

The UIS wordmark (adopted in January 2011) is one of two official graphic identifiers for the campus. The UIS wordmark is a standardized graphic representation with precise text-only typographic treatment that becomes a visual symbol of the university’s identity and branding.

B) Secondary Identifiers

Department Logo

MBA logo - stacked

MBA logo - horizontal

The UIS department/unit logo and wordmark were approved and adopted in May 2013. The approved logo and wordmark allows the university to strengthen and unify its brand.

Orion Mark

Orion Mark

The Orion mark, approved and adopted in March 2017, was designed and developed as a graphic representation of the Orion mascot to contribute to school spirit, pride, and recognition.

C) Brand Graphics

Leadership lived Tagline

The Leadership lived brand tagline was established with the Leadership lived campaign. The brand graphics are a standardized graphic representation that become a visual symbol of the university’s identity and branding.

Petal Burst

The Petal Burst is a representation of the brand attribute of a right-sized supportive community. It is a diverse but similar group of individual elements that come together to create an entity greater than the sum of its parts.

D) Other Logos and Identifiers

Departments and Units

The following units have received permission from the Chancellor’s Office to maintain specific logos. These logos are reserved for exclusive use by those departments.

Note: You can click on an image to view a larger version or launch an image gallery for that section.

The following identifiers were created by Creative Services in collaboration with departments and units.

Campaigns and Events

The following identifiers were created for campaigns and events in collaboration with Creative Services.

Individual Department and Unit Identifiers

The following identifiers were created by departments and units.

Other Materials

The following are a few examples of handouts, brochures, and flyers that were created by departments and units.