The University Brand

The UIS Brand is not our logo or slogan. It is a true, important and distinctive statement about who we are โ€“ the promise we make and keep to our constituents. It is a reputation, built upon attributes you can demonstrate. A brand provides you with a clear and accurate way to talk about yourself.

The UIS Brand Attributes

  1. A Teaching-Focused, Academic Experience
  2. An Abundance of Opportunities to Collaborate
  3. A Right-Sized, Supportive Community
  4. A Tradition of Educating Public Servants and Leaders

The “brand experience” happens every time our University touches a student, prospect, professor, researcher, partner, or a member of the community. These contacts take many forms: personal contact, publications, advertising, signage, newsletters, websites, email, multimedia presentations, and other print and electronic media. Each contact is an opportunity to connect UIS to people and make them value our university. That’s what branding is all about.

You are the keeper of our brand. The outstanding work you deliver daily makes our brand flourish.

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