Training the next generation of public service professionals

We offer seven undergraduate degree programs. Guided by our world-class faculty, as an undergraduate student, you can engage in active learning about politics, complex social and public problems, criminal behavior, environmental challenges, leading people, policy and programs, and international relations.

Through classroom simulations, internships, guest speakers, and research collaborations, we will offer you the kinds of experiential and classroom learning opportunities that will best position you for a career making a difference in the public, private, or nonprofit sectors.


Undergraduate Programs

Criminal Justice

Criminology and Criminal Justice

You will gain an empirical understanding about the factors that influence the decision making practices of individuals within various criminal justice institutions

Political Science

Political Science

Located in Springfield, the hub of Illinois political activity, our Political Science degree gives you access to a laboratory for the study of government


Public Policy

Our Public Policy degree will equip you with the necessary tools to participate in the advocacy, drafting, and analysis of public policy.

Public Administration

Public and Nonprofit Administration

Our Public Administration Nonprofit Administration degree will prepare you for a management career in local, state, and federal governments

Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies

Our Environmental Studies degree will provide you with the advanced interdisciplinary training necessary for solving environmental problems

Global Studies

Global Studies

Our Global Studies degree is an interdisciplinary approach: poly sci, history, econ, sociology, anthropology, communication, and environmental studies

Legal Studies

Legal Studies

Our Legal Studies degree emphasizes how the legal system works, how it interrelates with social change, and how it assists people in asserting their rights

Whatever major you choose, you’ll gain the knowledge and develop the skills to make a difference—to succeed in the economy's nonprofit, corporate, or governmental sectors.

Be a fully online student, blend your classes (take some online, take some on-campus), or take them all on campus- the choice is yours at UIS.

Program Student Advisors

Wherever you are in your CPAA undergraduate journey, our Program Student Advisors are here to help.

CPAA Minors

Add another dimension to your degree with a CPAA minor

Academic Enrichment

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