Electronic Document Storage


Part 1: Creating a Dedicated Storage Space

An electronic filing system should mimic your paper filing system. Just as we organize file drawers and hanging folders for different topics, we can create virtual directories and folders for storing electronic documents.

Create a Dedicated Filing Space

First, you will need to create a dedicated place on your computer in which to store your electronic documents. Think of this as a filing cabinet, a centralized space where all filing and archiving takes place.

Create a “Filing Folder” in My Documents – If you are the only person who needs access to your stored files, create a folder in your My Documents directory and give it a memorable name. Create as many sub folders as necessary to adequately organize your documents.

Request an eDocs site or your department- A department eDocs site will allow the faculty and staff in your office to access your virtual filing space just as they would access any folder on their desktop computer. Department eDocs sites can be requested by contacting techsupport@uis.edu. Visit the ITS eDocs Page for more information.

Use Blackboard – A blackboard site is automatically assigned to every class, but a committee or project group can also request one.

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