UIS COVID-19 Rapid Response Team

The UIS COVID-19 Rapid Response Team (CRRT) is charged with identifying, isolating and mitigating the spread of COVID-19 on the UIS campus with care and compassion. On a daily basis, the team tracks and analyzes the UIS COVID-19 testing results and advises the UIS administrative team regarding operational decisions in response to overall campus health.

Members include:

Member Title
Karen Whitney (ex-officio) Chancellor
Kelsea Gurski (incident commander) Associate Chancellor, Public Affairs
Dennis Papini Provost
Van Vieregge Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs
Melissa Mlynski Senior Director of Human Resources
Jantzen Eddington Dean of Students
Tony Lozzi HR Officer
Bethany Bilyeu Executive Director of Student Support Services
Ravneet Choknar Environmental Safety officer
Rhonda Perry Campus Counsel
Chuck Coderko Associate Chancellor, Administrative Affairs, Facilities and Services
Don Mitchell Chief of Police
Ross Owens Police Captain
Brian Kelley Director, Residence Life
Derek Schnapp Director, Public Relations
Mark Owens Assistant Director, Labor & Employee Relations