How to Be Your Own Best Friend!

It is the beginning of a new semester and a new Year. Many of us may have made New Year’s resolutions or promises to ourselves about trying things differently this year.

Itís a great time of the year to examine your self concept. Our tendency is to gravitate toward ways of thinking about ourselves that have been discussed, modeled or taught to us in the past. However, the manner in which we go about self-evaluation has not always been positive. As a result of our earlier learning, we may be critical of ourselves in negative ways.

I advocate a New Year’s resolution about changing this type of self criticism and being kinder to yourself.

Whenever we find ourselves being especially self critical, we might think about how we would react to a friend who had done the same thing. Would you be able to examine the situation and circumstances rationally and realistically? Would you be able to forgive them for being human and making mistakes?

These are difficult questions to ask yourself. However, in your attempt to be kinder and friendlier to yourself, they are questions that warrant being asked. It is recommended you practice these questions daily during the year. There is also a place on campus that can assist you in asking these questions and having a different perspective about things.

Written by W. Cameron Dean, Psy.D