College Days!!

It is time to begin a new year at UIS!For many of you it is returning to something that is very familiar and for some it is a new experience.The result of this time is highly dependent on your perspective.It is a period of intense didactic learning, social and personal development.

There will be numerous opportunities for you to be involved in intense didactic learning. There will be textbooks to read, studying for tests, research on specific topics and papers to write. These are some ways of expanding your mind while at UIS.

However, there are other opportunities for you to expand your horizons at UIS.You will have the opportunity to meet new and different people in your classes, clubs/organizations and at other UIS activities.You may encounter many new philosophies and ideas about the world, your community and yourself.

It is also a time of personal development.It is a time one reevaluates many things about him-/herself.This is an opportunity to clarify personal values, beliefs and goals.

There are several offices located on the UIS campus to assist students with a variety of issues including the Counseling Center, which assists students with social and personal issues.The Counseling Center is staffed with trained professionals to assist you.It is a service to any UIS student without cost to the student.The Counseling Center is located at HRB 64 and is open from 8:30 to 5:00 Monday through Friday.You can telephone the Counseling Center at (217) 206-7122.

Written by W. Cameron Dean, PsyD