Why should you participate?

  • The M3C Fellows AmeriCorps Program is about addressing an underlying need. Postsecondary education is becoming less affordable. In the past four years tuition has increase an average of 45% at public institutions in our nine-state region. As tuition increases, fewer students are able to afford college without incurring debt or diverting time from studies to work. Nearly three of four full time students work while attending school, and more than 60% of these students work 25 or more hours per week. The academic and financial pressure associated with these tuition increases disproportionately impact low-income and first generation college students. Nearly one-half of college students fail to complete undergraduate programs in less than six years. Retention rates are even lower for financially stressed students, and these students are less able to be involved in community service and other forms of civic engagement.
  • Participation in the M3C AmeriCorps Program gives each individual institution the chance to increase retention rates, and provide much needed possibilities and resources for their students. Each participating campus will have the opportunity to make connections between their institution and the surrounding community, form meaningful connections with their students, and know that they are reaching far and above todayís expectation of what higher education is supposed to offer students.

Fellow benefits

  • By becoming an M3C Fellow, you will be participating in an innovative and exciting program that will provide you with rewarding life experiences. You will have the opportunity to use your skills to better serve the needs of the community. By joining, you will become part of a larger, Midwest initiative to institutionalize community activism, not to mention the nation-wide efforts of AmeriCorps. You'll also receive a $1,000 Education Award that can be used to help pay your tuition, or pay off your student loans!