Online Degree

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication is offered in an online format, which has the same degree requirements and faculty as the on-ground format. Our online program provides students the opportunity to actively participate in a diverse and dynamic learning community, while they complete their degrees in their free time via modern technologies.

Admission to the online Communication B.A. program is competitive. We invite applications from any students who live more than 60 miles from UIS, as well as students within a closer range who have a documented rationale. The number of students admitted each term is limited by enrollment capacity. Applications are evaluated on a rolling basis.

In addition to applying to the University, applicants are also required to submit a statement in which they describe their professional and educational goals, as well as discuss their access to the Internet and their possession of relevant technological/computer skills.

Preference for admission will be given to applicants who:

1. Have either completed at least 60 hours of undergraduate course work or earned an Associate of Arts degree.

2. Have completed the following courses at the time of application: Introduction to Oral Communication, English Composition I & II, Mathematics general.