Online Communication Degree


Students who are unable to join us here on campus can now complete the Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication in a completely online format.

As an online student, you can expect:

  • To take online courses that are just as rigorous as the courses our campus-based Communication majors take.  And we mean this literally, because our campus-based majors will be enrolled alongside you in the online courses. (Check out a list of online courses offered in recent semesters.)
  • To learn from faculty members with diverse backgrounds in teaching and professional experience.
  • The opportunity to include internships or credit for prior learning in your degree.
  • Individualized advising that is focused on your personal goals and needs.
  • A dedication to find the most efficient path between where you are now and graduation.


Not a student yet? You access the advising scheduling system using a Google account.  You will need a PIN – 67456

Current Students