Office 365

UIS students can take advantage of Office 365 to download Office applications on their personally-owned devices, free for use while they are enrolled in courses at UIS. Office 365 also includes use of the Office mobile apps, allowing you to create and edit Office documents on your mobile devices.

To start, go to the Information Technology Services website (which is noted above) and click on the “Learning” link.

Go to the Information Techology Services website


On the Learning webpage, scroll down to find the heading “Teaching and Learning Resources”

Click on find more information about “Teaching and Learning Resources”.

Teaching and Learning options

On the Teaching and Learning webpage,  click on “Instructional Software”.

On the Teaching and Learning webpage -


On the Instructional Software webpage, scroll down to the “Microsoft Office” section.  Click on the link “Office 365 Login page”.

Office 360 link
Input your full UIS email address.
Office 365 login


When you click the “Next” button, you will be give the opportunity to select a work or school account or a personal account.  Select the work or school account and you will be redirected to the UIS login screen.  On this screen, you should input your NetID (your UIS email address without “”) and your password.

UIS login

Your UIS Office 365 license allows you to use the many online apps or to download Office to your computer: Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint,  and OneNote.  Your Office 365 is active as long as you are enrolled at UIS.

Office apps