Learning Hub

The Learning Hub offers free academic support services to currently enrolled UIS students. Through a peer tutoring program, The Hub offers one-to-one appointments, both in-person and online, in writing, math, accounting, economics, science, and academic skills. In addition to peer tutoring, The Hub offers supplemental instruction; online, on-ground, and in-class workshops; walk-in writing assistance; and additional support materials hosted on their website.

Find The Learning Hub

Go to any UIS webpage and look for link to the A-Z Index at the top.  You’ll find the Learning Hub under the L’s.

UIS A-Z Index link

Explore their content

It is worth exploring the Learning Hub website to get a full understanding of what they can offer.  Pay attention to the menu on the left-hand side.  First, click on “Workshops”.

Learning Hub workshops links


This page will list upcoming workshops, which are available on our campus and online, and tell you how to sign up.  Topics include:

  • How to manage an online course
  • Read like a pro
  • Reading and note taking
  • Study skills and test taking strategies
  • Managing finals

They also offer writing workshops covering rhetoric, thesis statements, prewriting strategies, sentence and paragraph structure, and avoiding plagiarism.

After you review the workshops page, click on Academic Skills.

Learning Hub workshops

Academic Skills

This is a potential treasure trove of useful information.  This page includes videos created by the Learning Hub as well as links to great online resources.

After you explore this page, click on Writing.

Learning Hub Videos

Writing Handouts

When you click on Writing, the menu will expand and provide a link to Handouts – if you click nothing else, click this link.

As an online major, writing is going to be one of your most valuable skills.  It is a rare writer who does not need help improving their writing skills.  (That great novelist you love has an editor who fixes all of the grammar and style mistakes:) These handouts will help you conceive and organize your papers, avoid common grammatical and usage errors (please, read about semicolons:), and provide invaluable information MLA, APA, and Turabian citation styles.

It’s worth a moment to consider citation styles.  Traditional majors use the citation style of their discipline, which means that they may only need to be an expert on a single style.  As a COM major, you will probably be told to use APA style, but you should be prepared to use whatever style your professor requires.  The citation style guides may prove to be REALLY important to your success.  Each guide gives you the details for formatting your papers and includes a sample reference page so you will know exactly how to cite your sources.

When you finish exploring this page, click on About The Learning Hub – this will expand the menu to give you more options.

Learning Hub handouts

Look for online tutoring

You’ll find a link to online tutoring information in the expanded About The Learning Hub menu.  Just because you are online, does not mean that you can’t get one-on-one assistance from The Learning Hub.  Take advantage of their help.