How much will this semester cost?

The UIS Tuition Calculator is the easiest way to make sense of the various tuition rates and fees provided on the UIS website.  To find the calculator, click on Academics in the blue menu bar, which is at the top of most UIS webpages, including this webpage.  Click on Records and Registration from the drop-down menu.

Options for Academics link

On the Registration and Records webpage, look for the Tuition link in the left-hand menu.

Tuition link on Records and Registration website

Tuition rates at UIS

State-funded universities in Illinois are required to guarantee tuition rates for four years, long enough for most students to complete their degree without ever experiencing a tuition increase.  For this reason, the list of tuition rates (one for each academic year in which a student might start) can be confusing.  If you’d like to review the full list, you can find it by clicking on the semester in which you started at UIS.  If you simply want to figure out what you will pay, it may be easiest to use the tuition calculator.


Using the tuition calculator

To get an accurate assessment of tuition and fees, you must confirm six variables: enrollment term, undergraduate or graduate, first term of attendance, Illinois residency, program, and hours enrolled.  To confirm your status, undergraduate or graduate, you should click on the correct tab.  To confirm the other 5 variables, you should use the appropriate drop down menu.

Even though most students graduate before they experience a tuition increase, some students take more than 4 years to earn a degree, particularly part-time students.  For this reason, it is important to confirm your enrollment term.

The first term of attendance menu tells the calculator which tuition rate to apply to your calculation.

Illinois residency status should reflect your official residency status with UIS.  For example, moving from another state to attend UIS does not typically result in a student being considered an Illinois resident.  If you have any questions about your official status, please contact the Admissions Office.

The program menu allows you to identify whether you are a non-degree seeking student, a on-campus student, or an online student.  Each of these groups of students have their own tuition rates so the answer to this question should reflect your official admission status.  To be considered an online student, you must be admitted to an online degree program.

If you are admitted to a campus-based program or you are a non-degree seeking student,  but you are enrolled in all online courses, you should identify yourself as either an on-campus major or a non-degree seeking student, not as an online major.

Hours allows you to input the number of hours enrolled.

Tuition calculate options

Understanding the tuition calculator results

In this example, a student is starting in the spring of 2017. is a resident of Illinois, and is enrolled for 12 hours in an on-campus major.

The calculator identifies the appropriate tuition rate, in this example $313.50, and multiplies it by the number of hours to generate the total tuition.

“Assessments” are a group of fees charged per hour of enrollment.  The assessment fee for this student is $18.40 per credit hour.

“Mandatory Fees” are a group of fees changed each semester.  Part time students, those with fewer than 12 hours of enrollment, are charged $1224.50 and full-time students, those with 12 or more hours of enrollment, are charged $1467.

“Online Academic Support Fees” are not perfectly implemented into this calculator.  UIS charges $45 per hour of enrollment in online courses.  As you can see, the calculator does not ask you how many hours of online credit a student is taking, so it is listing $0 for this fee.  If you are a non-degree seeking student or an on-campus major, you will need to add $45 per hour of online credit to the estimated total of the calculator.

Tuition calculator presenting costs for campus majors.

Notice how the calculator presents 12 hours of enrollment for students admitted as an online major.  The mandatory fees much lower for online majors because they do not pay for campus-based services and opportunities, but they do have the $45 per hour online academic support fee added to their calculation.

Tuition calculator presenting costs for online majors.