What You Can Do With This Degree

Communication Department Advising Guides:

• If you want to work in new media technologies or web design

• If you want to work in advertising

• If you want to work in public relations

• If you want to work in human resources

• If you want to be a broadcast journalist

• If you want to be a print journalist

• If you want to work in interpersonal communication


A degree in Communication opens doors to a number of careers. These include but are not limited to:

  • Print or broadcast news reporters
  • Directors of public relations/communication
  • Graphic artists & web designers
  • Photographers
  • Executives in non-profit organizations
  • Independent consultants
  • Communication instructors
  • Multi-media specialists
  • Human resource directors
  • University administrators

In addition, some graduates go on to pursue the Master’s degree in Communication at UIS or another institution to enhance their career potential.

Recent graduates of Communication have gotten jobs here:

  • WICS Channel 20 & WAND Channel 17
  • WSEC Television
  • Ketchum Public Relations
  • State political campaigns
  • Illinois Department of Transportation
  • Illinois Board of Higher Education
  • Illinois Times newspaper
  • The State Journal-Register
  • Horace Mann Insurance Companies
  • American Red Cross