Cloud Storage

U of I Box offers the University of Illinois community a cloud-based data storage solution with an easy-to-learn interface that allows any Enterprise user with an Active Directory password to upload, download and view files with ease and security.  You have 50 gigabytes of storage in the U of I Box.

Go to the main UIS webpage

Click on Quick Links and then Box.  The first time you click on this link, you’ll need to sign up for the service but after that, you will click on this link to log in.  The Box system uses your NetID and password.

Options for Quick Links link

Considering using Box Sync

If you have a broadband connection and you download Box Sync, a directory/folder named “Box Sync” will be created on your computer’s hard drive. Whatever you save to this directory/folder will be automatically synced with the U of I Box service, meaning you will always have a local copy on your hard drive and a back-up in the cloud.  Box Sync also means that you won’t have to go the Box website to manually upload files.  To download Box Sync, log in to your U of I Box account and then click on your name in the upper right-hand corner.

Is 50 GB not enough cloud storage for you?

UIS students also have 1 TB of storage on Microsoft OneDrive and unlimited storage on Google Drive.  For more information, including how to log in to these UIS accounts, review the Storage Matrix handout.

Power user tip:  do you always fill up your smart phone memory because you take so many pictures?  If so, download the Google Photos app on your phone and log in to the app using your UIS email address and password.  Put that unlimited Google storage to good use!