Center for Career Development

The UIS Career Development Center is a comprehensive, one stop Career Center working diligently to:

  • Partner with students early in their studies to develop tailored, realistic career strategies and obtainable goals
  • Inspire students to make informed decisions and to enhance employability skills, while engaging in the process of career development
  • Teach students to create meaningful opportunities to obtain real-world experience in order to prepare for the workforce transition
  • Keep abreast of current employment and labor market trends in the global workforce and disseminate information to students
  • Publicize career opportunities and work in partnership with recruiters to expand available job and internship opportunities
  • Deliver services in an accessible manner to all UIS students via in-person and distance methods

Finding the Career Development Center webpage

Go to the any UIS webpage that includes the blue menu bar.   Click on Campus Life and then Career Center.

Options for Campus Life link



This presentation cannot fully describe the services offered by the Career Development Center.  To start, focus on two primary links:  A-Z Index and Students.

Career Services main page

A-Z Index

The Career Development Center offers so many services, they have their own A-Z Index. Reviewing the index can give you a good overview of how they might help you.  A few minutes here could start you on a path that could influence your future.

Career Services A-Z Index


This page provides a good starting point for new students. Notice that there is a link specifically geared to online students.

Career Services students

Online Students webpage

The Career Development Center is committed to serving online students – they’re good at it as well.  Please realize that the image below represents approximately 1/3 of the full webpage so please visit this page for more details.

Career Services online students resources


The Career Development Center encourages all UIS students to create a LinkedIn account so that they can begin to start networking and to remain connected to UIS after graduating.

Linked in start up