Buying books and getting the best price

The UIS Bookstore has all of the books you need for your classes.  In most cases, you’ll find new and used books to buy and, in many cases, you’ll find new and used books to rent as well.  You may even find digital books.  For information on the Bookstore location and hours, you can visit their website.  If you are an online student, you can purchase your books on their website.

The UIS Bookstore offer a price match if you find a lower price at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or another campus bookstore.

Okay, but what if I want to shop around?

If you want to buy your books somewhere other than our Bookstore then it is vital that you buy the exact book required by your professor. Yes, you may find an older edition of a required text for less money but it is difficult to know exactly how much the content has changed from one edition to the next.  As you search for deals, do not search by title or author.  Search by ISBN (International Standard Book Number.)

To find ISBNs, go the UIS Bookstore website and search for your texts, just as if you were going to make a purchase.

Textbook Info

When you search for your books, you will find what is offered by our Bookstore, as well as their prices.  If you want to buy or rent the book from our Bookstore and have it shipped to you, just add the books to your cart.  Notice that the ISBN is provided.  If you want to shop around online, copy this number and paste it into a search engine. The UIS Bookstore prices their books competitively and, remember, they offer a price match, so don’t assume that they will be more expensive.

Buying from other sources

In most cases, you’ll find a lot of online stores selling your book BUT be a cautious consumer.  You should not only be cautious of the vendor’s reputation but of the what you are buying.  For example, look at that great deal – $8.95 for a book UIS is charging $76 for!  Let’s look more closely.

Shopping online

A great deal?

You save $90.05!  How could you go wrong?

Look closely . . .  the professor of this course is requiring the fourth edition but this great deal is a second edition.

product detail from online shopping

Read on . . .

In this example, we searched for ISBN 9780199342303 but this vendor is suggesting a book with ISBN 9780195379105 as a substitution.   This example shows that you can’t necessarily trust that your web search for an ISBN will result in the correct results.

Are they correct that newer editions are almost indentical to older editions?  In some cases, yes but not always.  Some editions correct errors and even delete dated information and replace it with more current information.   Without reading both editions, you can’t know how different they might be.

As you shop around to find a good deal, please find the best price for the same edition in our bookstore.  The lowest price may not end up being the best value if you buy an older edition that proves to be substantially different than the required text.

product description from online shopping