Brookens Library

Norris L. Brookens Library supports teaching, learning and community at the University of Illinois Springfield.  Students find spaces for both collaborative work and quiet study in the library, as well as access to a collection of over 700,000 books and serials, including over 205,000 eBooks and eJournals. The availability of this robust digital collection, as well as the online help offered by Brookens librarians, makes the library a valuable resource for online students as well as their on-ground counterparts.

Go to the Brookens Library webpage

Go to the any UIS webpage that includes the blue menu bar.   Click on Quick Links and then Library (Brookens).

Options for Quick Links link

An overview of the Brookens Library web page.

Brookens Library is:  a large building on our campus, a webpage with many resources, and also a group of knowledgeable librarians who want to help you learn and succeed. Please realize that this presentation is no substitute for working with one of our librarians.  They are skilled at and eager to work with online majors.

  1. In the middle of the main Brookens webpage, you will find a quick way to start your research.
  2. You should explore the information linked in the blue menu bar but, at this moment, lets look at the options under “Research Help“.
    • Intro to Research” provides an overview of the research process required by many of your assignments, including how to use the citation styles you will encounter in your UIS courses.  Don’t be fooled by the brief information when you click this link.  You are just seeing the first part of a very detailed and useful introduction.  (Many of our campus-based students get this presentation in a class so please expect no less for yourself.)
    • Research Guides” and “Contact Your Librarian” are important enough, they will covered in more detail below.
  3. Brookens Library has its own A-Z Index filled with useful links.  It is worth reviewing the index, just to get a feel for what resources you might use in the future.

Library quick search interface

Research Guides

When you click on the “Research Guides” link, you will get a list of every discipline at UIS. This may be important because, even though you will a lot of COM courses, you might take electives or university courses in other disciplines.  For example, you may take an Environmental Studies courses and use the guide shown below.

  1. Maybe most importantly, you will find the librarian who specifically works with students studying Environmental Studies.  When you think “librarian” don’t think of a person who shushes you while they reshelf books.  UIS librarians are faculty members who teach students. Research help doesn’t simply mean helping you identify where to find a book or an article.  Our librarians can help you brainstorm and set a research agenda.
  2. Information and scholarly articles are part of databases (at this moment, Brookens Library has nearly 70,000 journals and series indexed in 163 databases.)  Given the extensive collection, it is helpful to know which databases are best suited to finding information for a particular discipline.
  3. The guides even tell which peer-reviewed journals are best for research in this discipline.

Library research guide

Online students resource webpage

If you click on the Library A-Z link at the top right-hand corner of the main Brookens Library page, and you look under O, you will find a page specifically for online students. These video tutorials will guide you through the main processes of being an online library patron.  Note: online students can check out books!

Brookens online student page