About the Department

Visual Storytelling
Visual Storytelling and Reporting
Students learn how to tell a story using video shooting and editing techniques. Students improve interviewing skills while working on broadcast script writing, and learn how to merge  video and script into a final story. COM 352/ART 372. Topical Area: Journalism/Media studies.

At UIS Communication is embraced as the act and/or the process of communicating from the perspectives of both interpersonal and mass-mediated communication.

Your degree prepares you to interpret and execute communication in all its forms, from written to spoken to nonverbal. Students who have earned the bachelor’s in Communication at UIS have gone on to work in a number of professions involving human relations, public relations and journalism, and utilizing practical skills in digital photography, video and web production and radio. Our students are among the most marketable when they graduate. Communication, as a broadly defined field, allows students to either concentrate on a specific professional goal or to enter a wide range of professional possibilities. It is a major without limitations.