400-500 Level Courses

The below classes are taught by highly skilled professionals who have worked in the media for NPR/PBS, in print journalism, on the web as news reporters, feature writers & photojournalists, worked in advertising or public relations, consulted on political campaigns, conducted diversity training workshops, taught in China and abroad. Classes emphasize ethical issues and prepare you to work in a diverse global community recognizing the role of class, race, gender, age, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation.

List of 400-500 Level Courses:

(Not all courses are offered each semester, but typically within 2 years)

403 Feature writing

404 Media Law and Ethics

405 Editing

406 Photography II

411 Computer-mediated Interpersonal Communication

421 Interpersonal Communication

422 Small Group Communication

423 Dating and Relating

424 Gender Communication

425 Intercultural Communication

439 Advanced Computer Animation

445 Children, Adolescents and the Media

447 Media Criticism

448 Advertising

452 Entrepreneurial Journalism

453 Advanced Visual Field Production

458 Media from a Liberal Arts Perspective

459 The Beatles: Popular Music and Society

462 Writing for Public relations

463 Organizational Communication

464 Conflict Management

465 Interviewing

468 Persuasion

471 Communication Ethics

472 Political Communication in the U.S.

477 Global Media and Culture: China

478 Communicating about Race

480 Special topics (changes each semester)

480 Reporting the News: Assassinations

480 The Race for the Presidency

480 Photo Journalism

501 Closure–thesis, project or exams

504 Introduction to Graduate Studies in Communication

506 Research Methods in Communication

516 Communication Theory

521 Family Communication

528 Meaning and Social Structure

532 Social and Cultural Effects of Mass Media

564 Film and Culture: A Global Perspective

565 Communication, Culture and Power