Canvas Learning Management System

Timeline & Process

During late spring, Canvas will become available for use during the 2020 summer and fall. The UIS instance of Blackboard will be available for teaching through Fall 2020, but will not be supported by Blackboard Incorporated after June 30, 2020. If Blackboard features fail to operate properly after that date, UIS ITS cannot seek help from the company to fix the problems.

Support for moving classes will be available beginning in March. We will offer group support sessions, departmental sessions, remote sessions, and individual meetings.

The most reliable option is to teach using Canvas. All courses for Summer and Fall 2020 will be created on Canvas. Any faculty who wish to teach on Blackboard during Summer and Fall 2020 will need to request a course site from COLRS. Teaching with Blackboard during Fall 2020 will also require approval by the dean of the college.


Please check the COLRS calendar for upcoming workshops to help prepare your courses in Canvas.

Sign up for individual one-on-one course conversion sessions by contacting your COLRS liaison:

  • Carrie Levin – Liaison for CLAS –
  • Emily Boles – Liaison for EHS and PAA –
  • Michele Gribbins – Liaison for CBM –

LMS Migration Resources

Canvas Champions

The following faculty members have experience using the Canvas Learning Management System and have agreed to serve as a resource for colleagues as we navigate the switch from Blackboard to Canvas:

Betsy Goulet, Clinical Assistant Professor
Public Administration

Jordan Hyde, Assistant Professor

Ranjan Karri, Professor and Chair

Sean McCandless, Assistant Professor
Public Administration

Jorge Villegas, Associate Dean/Associate Professor
Business & Management Administration

Te-Wei Wang, Associate Professor
Management Information Systems

Yifeng Zhang, Associate Professor
Management Information Systems

Brian Chen, Assistant Professor
Public Health