Turnitin for Students

Turnitin is a plagiarism detection tool that can be implemented directly from Canvas Assignments (below). It is also an excellent grading and feedback tool.

The Turnitin database includes:

  • Over 10 Billion Web Pages Crawled & Archived
  • Over 70 Million Student Papers
  • Over 10,000 Major Newspapers, Magazines & Scholarly Journals
  • Thousands Of Books Including Literary Classics
  • Printable Reports
  • Side-By-Side Comparison

Instructor guides for the Turnitin Plagiarism Framework in Canvas are available.

Interpreting Originality Reports in Turnitin:

Submit your assignment at least 24 hours before the assignment is due to ensure an Originality Report generates.

  1. To view the Originality Report, go to the Canvas Assignments area, click on the title of the assignment, and click on the the SpeedGrader link.
  2. When viewing the student assignment, click on the colored badge in the feedback pane on the right side of the screen.
  3. The Originality Report will appear for that assignment.

If your Originality Report icon is Yellow, Orange, or Red you may need to make sure you have correctly cited sources. If the icon is Green or Blue most of your sources have been cited correctly.

Originality Reports provide a summary of the matching text found in a submitted paper. When an Originality Report is available to view, an icon will appear in the report column of your assignment inbox. Originality reports that are not yet finished are represtend by a grayed-out icon.

These indices in no way reflect Turnitin’s assessment of whether a paper has or has not been plagiarized. Originality Reports are simply tools to help you locate potential sources of plagiarism in your submitted papers.

Originality Report Sample The color of the report icon indicates the overall similarity index of the paper, based on existing sources.

Blue – no matching words
Green – 1 word – 24% matching text
Yellow– 25-49% mathcing text
Orange – 50-74% matching text
Red – 75-100% matching text


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