Softchalk Content Creator

softchalk logoSoftChalk Lesson Builder is a powerful course content editor that lets you easily create accessible, engaging, interactive web lessons for your online courses.

The materials are embedded in your Blackboard — eliminating the need to attach Word documents. SoftChalk writes the HTML for you, so you can focus on the content.

SoftChalk creates professional-looking content in a short period of time. If you already have text-based lectures, they can be imported and formatted with SoftChalk.

Interactive activities include:

  • Flashcards, image labeling, image hotspot activities, matching games, and crosswords
  • Standard quiz questions, like: multiple choice, multiple answer, true/false, short answer, ordering, and matching. Student responses can be recorded in Blackboard’s gradebook
  • Pop-up, hover text information to define terminology or concepts.

Sample lesson on history from SoftChalk.Ideas for Use

  • Create a progressive, interactive lesson from a text or PowerPoint-based lecture.
  • Embed self-check questions inside your course content.
  • Create a consistent look and function for your course content.
  • Make sure your course content is accessible for all students.

How to Access

SoftChalk is available through the Citrix server virtual desktop or in the COLRS Audio Recording Studio. Contact COLRS to learn about SoftChalk or to schedule time in the studio.

More Information