Smart Sparrow Adaptive Learning

smart sparrow logo“Teach to the student, not to the class” is Smart Sparrow’s slogan. Smart Sparrow allows faculty and instructional designers to create your adaptive elements for courses. Adaptive elements target individual student needs to increases engagement and improve student outcomes. From the Smart Sparrow site:

Our platform gives you full pedagogical control over your students’ learning experiences. Intuitive authoring makes it easy to create visually rich courseware. Drag-and-drop interactive components enable active learning. Easy-to-author adaptivity caters to individual student needs.

Make your courseware adaptive to better support at-risk students, motivate high achievers and maximize each student’s potential. The same benefits of a private lesson, but at unlimited scale across students, time, and location.

Use powerful and real-time analytics to understand your students’ learning. You can zero in on common mistakes and misconceptions and continuously improve your instruction by adapting to your students’ learning needs.



UIS is exploring the use of Smart Sparrow for adaptive learning for online and blended learning, as well as the flipped classroom. Adaptive learning Educause Applied Research was exploring the virtues of adaptive learning as far back as 2005 (PDF). Adaptive learning is especially well-suited for breaking down complex tasks, tracking student progress, providing additional repetition based on need, and redirecting students to remediation resources.

How to Access

Faculty interested in developing an adaptive learning module should contact COLRS.

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