Shaky Hand Video

Shaky Hand videos are an easy-to-make — and have a fast turn-around time from COLRS. Shaky hand videos are a camera mounted parallel to a table. You so many things with this video fomat! Pretty much anything that you can manipulate or write on will work.

Uses for Shaky Hand Videos

  • Bring in a printed poem and annotate or show form
  • Use atomic models to show chirality or bonds
  • Draw and analyze a graph
  • Solve mathematical equations
  • Draw a process
  • Use printed PowerPoint Slides and annotate with markers

Planning a Shaky Hand Video

  • Think about the video length — what can you pre-draw?
  • Do you need transitions?
  • Can we do a time-lapse video over a sections of your video where you are drawing? This would require recording narration separately.

Book Your Recording Time

Contact COLRS at to book your recording time. For limited editing, we can have your video back to you within 1 to 2 days.