Respondus LogoRespondus is a software application for Windows computers that eases test, quiz, and survey creation in Blackboard. Using Respondus, faculty who have these items in a word-processing format can quickly upload them to Blackboard with little additional formatting.

Features include:

  • A distinct user environment, called a “personality,” for course management systems such as Blackboard
  • Availability of up to 15 question types, including calculated and algorithmic formats
  • Ability to use the Exam Wizard to create an assessment in minutes
  • Comprehensive “Spell check” feature that includes dictionaries for American, Canadian, and British English and French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Finnish, plus a comprehensive medical dictionary
  • Use of similar features in a word processing program such as tables, bulleted lists, font changes, and enhanced formatting
  • Ability to use mathematical and scientific symbols using the Respondus Equation Editor or MathType

Additional Respondus Products:

Respondus LE
This free product is the “print only” version of Respondus. This version of the software lets you open or create Respondus-formatted files and print a traditional paper-based exam. This product does not interact with course management products such as Blackboard.

Use this product to create Flash-based activities and games using a simple template. The Flash activities can be used with any web server or published directly to a Blackboard. When constructing the actives you can import MS Word files or publisher test banks. Knowledge of Flash or HTML is not necessary.

Ideas for Use

  • Create Multimedia Enhanced Tests
  • Design True Math or Science Tests that Allow Student to Respond with Necessary Symbols or Signs
  • Quickly Generate Review Tests

How to Access

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