Moodle LogoMoodle is a course management system that provides a way for UIS departments to offer internal training for faculty and staff. One of the primary advantages of Moodle over other systems is a strong grounding in social constructionist pedagogy. Moodle provides a perfect platform for those interested mostly in collaborative types of activities, which include lots of discussions, peer-evaluation, and group building of learning artifacts

Moodle provides not only for rich content interaction, but the open source license and modular design means that many users can develop additional functionality. Most Moodle add-ins or plugins are located at the company website.

Moodle contains similar features that are embeded in many course management systems:

  • Forums
  • Quizzes with different kinds of questions
  • Blogs & Wikis
  • Database activities, Surveys and Chat
  • Glossaries
  • Peer assessment
  • Branching Assignments


UIS uses Moodle to support online training for faculty and staff, as well as to support professional development activities,  and community groups.

How to Access

UIS supports the use of Moodle and it can be accessed via the following web address. For more information, please contact COLRS or ITS.

More Information