Examity Sample Faculty E-mail

Hello Class,

Your online tests in this class will be proctored by a service called Examity. Examity gives you the flexibility to schedule exams at your convenience and take them wherever and whenever you want within the exam window. The exam for this class must be taken between _______ and ______. It must be completed by ____ at ______ am/pm.

You will need to set-up your Examity profile and time-zone before you can schedule your exam. You will need your UIS student ID or a government-issued photo ID to do so.

Once your profile is set-up, you can schedule the exam for this class through the learning management system. You will need to pay for the proctoring session when you schedule the exam. If you schedule your exam session at least 24 hours in advance of the exam time, the charge will be less. Rates for the exam can be found at http://go.uis.edu/examityrates .

A guide on how to set-up your profile, how to schedule the exam, and how to access the exam on exam day can be found at http://go.uis.edu/examitystudent .

If you have any problems, Examity offers 24/7 tech support at 1-855-Examity (1-855-392-6489) or via e-mail at support@examity.com.

Thank you,