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About the UIS Online Program Coordinators (from Educause Review**)

“From the inception of the online programs at UIS, the use of a program coordinator in each degree program has been encouraged. Program coordinators are academic professional staff members who serve an important role in assuring student success. They have a role in:

  • Recruiting students
  • Tracking of student schedules and progress toward degree completion
  • Encouraging and facilitating communication between students and faculty members
  • Advocating for students in administrative and bureaucratic matters
  • Supporting students who confront individual challenges in moving toward degree completion

Online program coordinators are masters of communication and facilitation. They intervene in cases where they see student progress might be in jeopardy. Coordinators have the respect of both the students and the faculty members, and they carry a level of trust in their relationships. Conversations with students are held confidential unless the student releases the program coordinator from that confidentiality.

Each year, prior to the campus-based commencement ceremonies, a brunch is held for online degree program students who are graduating. Many students travel across the country and even from other countries to visit the campus and receive their diploma in person. It is vividly apparent at the brunch that the students value their relationship with their program coordinator above all other relationships they have cultivated in the online program. The longest hugs and the most tears are reserved for those first-time meetings with the program coordinators who have counseled the students through the challenges of completing a rigorous degree program at a distance.”

**Boles, E., Cass, B., Levin, C., Schroeder, R., & Smith, S. (2010). Sustaining Students: Retention Strategies in an Online Program. Educause Quarterly, 33(4), n4.