Online Quality Improvement & Assurance

Several established resources and tools can be used to assess the design of your online.

  • UIS Quality Assurance Rubric – UIS has a modified version of the QM rubric that is mapped to QM standards.
  • Illinois Online Network (ION) – ION provides online professional development courses on a variety of topics including instructional design, quality assurance, student assessment, blended/hybrid learning, universal design, and more.
  • Quality Matters (QM) – QM provides a rubric and standards to benchmark quality in online classes. UIS is a member of Quality Matters, and these tools are available to our faculty. (Contact COLRS if you need help accessing their materials.)
  • Exemplary Online Instruction Rubric – Chico provides another useful rubric to evaluate the design of online instruction.
  • Community of Inquiry (COI) – The COI framework “represents a process of creating a deep and meaningful (collaborative-constructivist) learning experience through the development of three interdependent elements – social, cognitive, and teaching presence.”
  • The Open SUNY Course Quality Review (OSCQR) – “The OSCQR rubric is unique and differs from other online course quality rubrics in several ways. It is not restricted to mature online courses. The rubric can be used formatively with new online faculty to help guide, inform, and influence the design of their new online courses, and, it is non-evaluative.”
  • UIS Professors Karen Swan, Scott Day, Leonard Bogle & Daniel Matthews of the Department of Educational Leadership have published their experiences in adopting QM and COI in their program, and the impact that these initiatives had on their courses.  The article is entitled, “A Collaborative, Design-Based Approach to Improving an Online Program.”
  • UIS Professors share their teaching tips as part of the 2017 Faculty Teaching & Learning Academy.