Meet UIS Online and COLRS

While most colleges and universities segregate online learning programs into continuing or extended education departments, the University of Illinois Springfield has been very successful in pioneering an administrative style of incorporating online programs into the fabric of the institution.  Known nationally as the “UIS model,” this method of online degree development has been replicated – to some extent – by colleges and universities from coast to coast.

Learn about the hallmarks of the UIS Model of Online Education.

UIS Credit Hours AY 2015-16

Online 52,307 (44.3%)

Blended 13,767 (11.7%)

Onground 51,988 (44.0%)

Fall 2016 UIS Online Statistics

30.7% were online majors (1,665 of 5,402 students)

65.7% took at least one online course

34.9% took only online courses

Online Graduate Brunch

Photos from the 2016 Online Graduate Brunch

COLRS: Who We Are and What We Do

  • Supports faculty members in conceptualizing, developing, deploying and assessing online classes – sound pedagogy is the foundation upon which we select/support technology
  • National/International reputation/awards for innovation and leadership in online learning – COLRS Awards and RecognitionSJ-R Article
  • Leading the field forward – founding faculty Penn State Institute for Emerging Leaders
  • Three dozen + annual keynotes, chapters, papers, workshops, presentations
  • Nine faculty research fellows – conducting research in the field of online learning
  • Daily reach through blogs, tweets and professional social media presence –
  • Major grants from multiple foundations / notable engagement of state agencies and community colleges.  Here are two current examples, both funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation:
    • PAR Grant – Predictive Analytics Reporting grant  – Led by Karen Swan and Bill Bloemer at UIS, we are discovering fascinating new connections related to persistence and success – to be renewed and expanded.
    • Learning First – The Learning First grant is one of the “breakthrough model” grants announced last month – uses UIS model for degree completion – with Penn State and UMass Online; led by the League for Innovation – to serve community college students with baccalaureate completion – beginning students in California.  UIS is doing Computer Science, UMass is doing BBA, and Penn State is doing History and/or Liberal Arts.
  • Several Massive Open Online Courses
  • COLRS supports the UIS Community of Practice in eLearning (COPE-L)
    The Community of Practice for E-Learning is a group of faculty, online unit coordinators, and staff that meet to discuss research, best practices, and innovations in technology-enhanced, blended, and online learning environments.

Professional Development and Networks in Online Teaching

Educating yourself about online or blended learning may seem like a daunting task; keeping up with the technology may seem even more overwhelming. There are many choices when it comes to increasing your knowledge and practical skills in the area of online learning. View the COLRS resources for Professional Development and Networks in Online Teaching.

Learning Management System (LMS)

UIS currently uses the Blackboard Learn for the campus LMS. Every Course at UIS — on campus, blended, and online — will be assigned a Blackboard course site in which all students and faculty are enrolled. Learn more about Blackboard for All and Course Site Organization.