Employability Skills Support and Resources

  Support for Embedding Employability Skills in Course

  • Consult with faculty in identifying which employability skill(s) complement course content.
  • Brainstorm options for designing objectives, authentic learning activities, assessment tools that promote employability skills development within a real-world context.Photo of a carved hand and arm on ground that is holding and stabilizing a large branch of a tree. Photo by Neil Thomas on Unsplash.
  • Provide suggestions and examples on how to explain to students the connection between course learnings and workforce.
  • Recommend options to re-design current learning activities incorporating realistic workplace scenarios.
  • Research and provide data and resources pertaining to discipline-specific or industry information, hiring and labor market trends, and other current topics such as the skills gap.
  • Facilitate guidance and support for faculty electing to use employability skills development learning activities and modules (currently in design phase) for course integration or as supplementary professional development for student access.
  • At the request of faculty, assist with facilitating outreach to employers to explore mutually beneficial partnerships that would align and enhance course learning objectives and student outcomes.

Employability Skills Resources for Instruction

Resources are intended to provide ideas, examples and best practices, which can be easily adapted to complement existing and newly designed courses.  The resources are updated on a regular basis and available through our Teaching and Technology Blog.  The resource categories are listed below and you can view the list of individual blog posts with links.

  • Employability skills resource categories include:
    • Framework for Employability
    • Teaching Strategies for Employability Skills
    • Trends in Workforce Preparation and Higher Education

Consultation Contact Information

For assistance with integrating employability skills development within your course or to identify potential employers for curriculum partnerships contact:

Tammy Craig
COLRS, Career Specialist, Online Learning
Office: BRK 425
Phone: (217) 206-8379
Email: tcrai1@uis.edu