Proctored Exam Checklist

Instructors | Students | Proctors

Checklist for Instructors

  1. Inform students of procedures and instructions for out-of-state proctoring. If you’re following the suggested process, you may wish to refer students to the Suggested Guidelines for Proctored Exams.
  2. Emphasize that the Proctored Exam Request Form needs to be returned completed to the instructor no later  than 2 weeks prior to the exam date.
  3. Verify that the student is eligible to take the exam.
  4. Verify that the proctor and institution will adhere to UIS’ policy on proctored exams.
  5. Mail the materials to the proctor/institution. Be sure to include the following:
    • Exam and any special exam materials
    • Answer sheet/exam booklet
    • 3 Copies of Proctored Exam Instructions
    • Pre-addressed, postage-paid return envelope

Checkpoints for Students

  1. Arrange for a site and proctor from the approved lists on the Suggested Guidelines for Proctored Exams..
  2. All expenses incurred by the student for this service are the responsibility of the student.
  3. Complete and mail the Proctored Exam Request Form to the class instructor two weeks prior to the exam.
  4. Take the following with you to the exam:
    • Any materials permitted for use during the exam
    • Photo ID, which you must present as soon as you enter the exam room
    • Any paper, pencil or pen and calculator
    • The exam fee, if applicable
  5. Take the exam within time limit specified in the Proctored Exam Instructions.
  6. Once you’ve completed the exam, return the text questions, any other exam materials, and the answer sheet/exam booklet to the proctor.
  7. Sign the Proctored Exam Instructions, and take your copy with you.

Checkpoints for Proctors

  1. Do not allow anyone else to substitute for you without prior approval from the instructor.
  2. Make certain the area where the student takes the exam is quiet and free from distractions on the arranged day and time of the exam (i.e., the area will not also be in use by others whose activities might disrupt the student).
  3. Read the Proctored Exam Instructions included in the exam packet before giving the exam.
  4. Verify the student’s identification by requesting to see a photo ID.
  5. Open the examination envelope in the presence of the student and administer the exam according to the instructions on the Proctored Exam Instructions.
  6. Do not leave the student alone while taking the exam.
  7. Collect the exam and any exam materials as well as the answer sheet/exam booklet.
  8. Fill out, sign and date the Proctored Exam Instructions.  Have the student sign the form as well.  Return the student’s copy to him or her, and retain the proctor’s copy for your records.
  9. Place the exam and any exam materials, answer sheet/exam booklet, the remaining copy of the Proctored Exam Instructions into the postage-paid, pre-addressed envelope, and mail it.