Contacting Students

It is very important for students to know where, when, and how to start their online class. COLRS has provided a sample letter that you may use to send to your students.  All you have to do is copy the text below.

Letter to Students before the Semester Begins

January 3 , 2016

Dear PAC 442 Class Member:

Welcome to our online class! We should have an interesting time this semester. I hope you will learn much about the Internet, methods and modes of communication through the ‘net, efficient ways to find what you are looking for on the ‘net, and possible futures for this medium of communication. I do not plan for our class to meet in person as a class. All of our lectures, discussions, office visits, and final presentations can be done online. But, of course, I am happy to meet with anyone who wants to come to campus to my office at HRB-78.

I have put our class syllabus, all of our class readings (via hyperlinks), our discussion board, and some announcements at Blackboard, our learning management system. You’ll need to login to the Blackboard server and gain access through the course catalog on that site or the hyperlink under the portal heading “My Classes”.  Your username logon for Blackboard is your NetID. Learn more about UIS NetIDs or look up your NetID. If you have never established a Blackboard password, your password for Blackboard will be the same password that you establish for your NetID. Passwords can also be set from the same web site mentioned above. If you have used Blackboard in the previous semester, the login and password you established will not have changed. If you need assistance with your NetID or Password, please contact UIS TechSupport .

The Blackboard site will be our “home” on the web for the term. You will be expected to visit our site at least once every week during which classes are in session. All of the lectures and readings for the term are already posted. You are to “participate” in class by posting at least one response to each “question of the week” which I will place on the discussion board each Monday. For full participation credit, you are encouraged to make additional postings. You may post your responses anytime during the week (day or night; weekday or weekend). You will post your final paper on the discussion board as well.

I will be available to you in a variety of ways:
You may come to my office HRB-78 – note this is a recent change (I am generally in during regular office hours, though I have lots of meetings).
You may email me at
You may telephone me at 217-206-7531. 

I really look forward to communicating with you this semester! Suggestions are always welcome. See you on the Internet! 

—Ray Schroeder
Professor of Communication