Midterm Formative Assessments & Surveys

This video, created by an instructor at Iowa State, gives a great overview of why instructors might want to include midterm evaluations and what the difference is between formative and summative assessments. Though the video shows a face-to-face course, the idea of communicating with your students, considering options to modify your course, and sharing the results of the assessment with students remains the same.

All About Assessment

Sample Assessments & Questions

Tools for Assessment

  • TooFAST (Free Assessment Summary Tool) – Free, online, anonymous tool sponsored by several Canadian universities. It contains an enormous database of questions for instructors to choose from, or you may write your own.
  • Web Toolbox – University of Illinois system tool for developing surveys. You will have to login in with your UIS email address and NetID password.
  • Blackboard Survey Tool – The survey tool within Blackboard shows you which students completed a survey, but results are not associated with specific students.