Meet Zoran Kulima, IT Consultant


by Zoran Kulima

I am a technical consultant at a large IT company in Toronto, Canada. I have spent most of my career as a software developer; however, my current focus is on deploying and supporting large database systems and data warehouse applications. I love working in the software industry because of its unparalleled exposure to complex problem solving and deep technical analysis.

In personal life, I am a busy father of three who enjoys digital photography, skiing and hiking in whatever spare time is left.


Master’s Degree in Computer Science at UIS

I chose to study computer science at UIS because of my childhood fascination with information technology. I trace this back to my first computer, which I bought for gaming purposes. To operate this computer, I was forced to learn how to program in BASIC.

My favorite part of work and studies continues to be coding, which I consider to be a mixture of art and science.

The next five to ten years should offer a plethora of interesting opportunities in the field of computing, especially in Big Data and cloud management. My goal is to work on the development and provisioning of enterprise database systems in the cloud, and on improving the NoSQL technology to meet the emerging needs of large organizations.

An Excellent Coordinator — And a Key to CSC Program at UIS

My program coordinator, Barbara Selvaggio, has been a great resource throughout my studies at the UIS. I have always had an excellent experience working with Barbara, first as an applicant and now as a student.

Barbara was my first point of contact when I initially inquired about the UIS online computer science program. What stayed with me is how pleasant and friendly Barbara was in our communication. Barbara provided all the necessary details about the application process, admission and degree requirements. As my situation was somewhat particular, I naturally had many follow-up questions. Barbara responded to all my emails promptly and to the point.

She even drafted petitions for credit transfers on my behalf, thereby making the whole application experience much smoother. Working with Barbara, I knew that I was dealing with someone who was genuinely committed to assisting me through the process and helping me succeed.

A Potential Challenge Made Easier

Being unable to deal with the university administration at arm’s length presents logistical challenges for online students. It is often more difficult to get things done via email or telephone than in person.

However, Barbara has made the entire process much easier. She has always been very proactive about helping me and my fellow students. It made me comfortable knowing that there is someone on campus specifically devoted to assisting people like me who take their courses at distance. If I have a general question and I am unsure where to direct it, I turn to Barbara as she always either has the answer, or knows where to get it.

I have worked with many university administrators over the course my education, so I speak from experience when I say that Barbara is an outstanding program coordinator and a great asset to the entire UIS online computer science community.